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Welcome To Vasto

 We are a “Vastese” family (from Vasto) for many generations, soaked with local culture, mixed with the world around therefore blended with other cultures belonging to different places and different times. Here we are, Francesco & Rebecca, brother and sister. He is the older with practical skill and sea’s expert: she has been working in the tourism field for many years. Our main goal is to make the beauty of Abruzzo known to all those who never heard about this part of Italy and to those who came already but didn’t spend enough time with us! Vasto is on the beach and it has mountains only 1 hour driving distance. 

About Vasto

There are fewer and fewer places left around the European shores of the Mediterranean where you can bathe in safe, clean water by a quiet beach in front of orchards and vineyards. Fewer still where such is the volume of traffic that you can pick up your luggage at an international airport just minutes after you have landed.


Abruzzo, with mountains to the west, and the Adriatic in the east, is still an unspoilt region of Italy. Unpretentious as well as unspoilt is Vasto, about an hour south of the airport at Pescara. The old town overlooks a long sandy beach.  A little further up the coast, past the lighthouse at Punta Penna, is another, even quieter, beach, by a nature reserve at Punta Aderci. Here, you can also see trabocchi, curious wooden contraptions used by local fishermen to catch fish - mainly prawns - without getting into the water.


Communication and entertainment:

Comfort and security:


  • Free WiFi

  • ADSL

  • LCD TV in all the rooms

  • International satellite TV

  • Landline (*paid service)

  • Air conditioner

  • Safe

  • Hairdryer

  • Bed sheets and towels

  • Fridge

  • Multifunctional oven with microwave

  • Kettle & coffee maker

  • Dishwasher

  • Comprehensive set of cutlery, dishes, glasses